Important Things You Should Know 

How Do I Wear My Orthotics Correctly? 

Foot and foot related problems develop over time. Change and comfort also takes time, so please be patient in wearing your new orthotics. 

First and foremost, if you should never feel pain from your orthotics. Only pressure. We are looking for Mid-Comfort pressureIf you do feel pain, you likely didn’t follow the instructions and should be taken off immediately.


The First Few Weeks:

Start by wearing your orthotics 30 – 60 minutes the first day and increase by 30 – 60 minutes each day.  After 3 days you should be wearing them about 1.5 to 3 hours.  4 day would be 2 to 4 hours. Long as you stay in mid-comfort pressure, you’re doing great!    During the first few days just wear them around the house. Sitting, Standing, walking. 

Your feet will subtlety adjust its 26 bones and your many more muscles and ligament.   You should feel and maintain a Mid-Comfort of pressure as you increase your time every day.   Again, if you feel pain from the orthotics… take them off immediately as you are likely over wearing them, too fast to soon.   Remember, Mid-Comfort Pressure as you go along and no more than 1 hour more than the previous day. 

Your new Orthotics are not just aligning your feet but everything above.  Feeling a little sore in your body is normal during this time as your body structure adjust and create a more proper alignment.

Can I Exercise in My New Orthotics?

Do not walk to exercise or exercise in your new orthotics until you can wear them comfortably all day. When you start wearing your orthotics to exercise, start slow and go easy. You will need an additional adjustment period for intense or high-impact activity.  Begin by wearing your supports for only 30 minutes during these activities and increase wear time gradually.  


The Two Rules:

1. Increase your wear time 30 to 60 minutes per day and follow your Mid-Comfort Pressure as you go along. During your 30-day break in period. Over wearing may causing pain which may require to take a 3 to 5-day break from wearing before you would need to start over. 

2. You will feel mid-pressure as you increase your time wearing your orthotics. This is a good thing and for the most part is temporary.   The idea is to realign the foot to the more proper ergonomic position. Thus, more evenly distributing your body’s pressure throughout the foot.  


There is a left and right orthotic. Be sure the orthotic is on a flat surface and is properly positioned. 


At Ergo-Goods we are always here to help. If your foot problem has not improved, we offer a 30-day resizing exchange.


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